Our Products

Our ambition is to create more than lingerie: we're out to invent the objects of desire that you will wear with pleasure, today, and for a long time.

Therefore, the creation of our collections always start with one question: what do we wish we could be wearing? How do we wish to put the highlight on our assets? What can't we find anywhere else?


This, is where it all begins: by our women's desires, drawn into our Parisian workshop. 

Nos Matières

Our Fabrics

We choose our fabrics with an incredible amount of care. We want them to be creative and unexpected, as much by their patterns as by their composition, yet highly comfortable and lasting when loved.


Because we don't leave any evaluation criteria to chance, at L'Impatience, you'll find satins originating from Italy, Calais lace imagined and embroidered in the strict rules of the art thanks to a craftsmanship acquired along four generations, at the heart of the lace country, in Caudry, in the North of France, as well as Japanese lace that, since 1958, has reinvented the craft.Being the first manufacture of Leavers lace in Asia,

it plays with the refinement of the fabric to imagine ceaselessly renewed dyes and embroideries.


Why satin rather than silk? You may ask.

Firstly, because the comfort of a lingerie ensemble lies in its flexibility, its movement capability, its elasticity. And satin, while offering an incredibly silky touch, provides these qualities.

Secondly, because we live in an era where time is a scarce resource: to allow you to wash your lingerie without it becoming an affair of state, we wanted to offer you the ability to put it in the washing machine - with a delicate cycle, of course, and in the little pouch that comes with our lingerie, please, to preserve its lustre.

Our Manufacturing process

We care about offering you lingerie ensembles of a flawless quality, and are convinced that this only begins with the fabrics, but extends to the way we create and produce our collections.

It is the reason why we have chosen a true manufacturing partner. A family born company based in Mauritius, proud of three decades of experience in the lingerie and corsetry manufacturing, able to offer a great sewing fineness while never neglecting the well-being of its employees.

Currently expanding in Madagascar, our partner is part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, and has set in place the Sekool Madagascar project, which aims to offer access to education to kids in Madagascar. This first initiative has been quickly followed by a second, Art for Education: the program sets out to introduce arts and sporting activities within schools to complete kids' education.