The Impatient Founders

Imaginative, stubborn, lover of stories, Amélie has a fascination for the laws of attraction.

Amongst her muses and icons count heroes from yesterday and today, Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson, gangsters and free minded people, Mae West, the visionaries, the dreamers, Bukowski, Paul Smith, Pollock, Hunter S. Thompson.

She founded L'Impatience with one wish: creating lingerie that would ally imagination, elegance and playfulness. Quality garments which design would transcend fades, offering a real alternative to what we had seen and been wearing until then. Ensembles for free-spirited, confident women who are never afraid to spring a surprise.

Amélie, Founder of L'Impatience

Creative, pragmatical, audacious, but also crazy about everything that has character, a dash of extravagance, exoticism and panache, Célia is a ceaseless experimenter. From fashion to painting, passing by lamp creation, she invents her environment, following through her influences, travels and personal wishes. 

She finds her inspiration in the Japanese craft culture, in Almodovar's realism, Kupta's colors and patterns, Gauguin's escapes, flea markets, Mexican craftsmanship... and, of course, along Parisian women, their outfits, conversations and backs and forths.

Célia had the talent and craft to create the  collections of L'Impatience. Inventing an aesthetic, playing with colours while daring to surprise. Beyond the beauty of a garment, she seeks for flair, for what will arouse curiosity, lust and desire.


That's the way she imagines the collections for L'Impatience: by caring as much about aesthetics as she cares about playfulness and daily comfort. 

Célia, Co-founder & Creation Director of L'Impatience

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